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SD escortsBabes Football and Beaches in San Diego

There really is nothing like football, babes and beautiful weather. Of course, as the weather starts to turn for most of the country, you can't really do that in Green Bay, Detroit or Cleveland. That is why you need to come to Southern California for the beautiful weather, the beautiful babes and the football. Oh, but wait, you can't do that in Las Angeles, can you? No, they don't have a pro team. That is why you need to keep heading south for beautiful San Diego.

The women here are some of the most beautiful in the country and they are also able to come with you to take in that NFL San Diego Chargers game. So, while everyone up in LA is trying to figure out if they should be rooting for the 49ers, the Raiders or the Chargers while they are flipping through their television, you can have a beautiful San Diego escort wrapped around your arm as you hand the ticket usher your seating assignment. Nothing beats actually being at the game in the beautiful weather with your truly amazing beauty along side.

San Diego is the perfect city in the country, and what takes it over the top is having an NFL franchise in the city. So, if you ever get tired of sitting on the beach with one of the beautiful escorts San Diego offers, you can always wait for Sunday and head to the stadium and watch some fine professional football kick off.