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I Know The Best Places To Go

Hey there love. I can’t wait to meet you. My name is Gia. I am a friendly and extremely sexy Las Vegas escort. The best decision I have ever made is the decision to become an escort in Las Vegas. This is the greatest city in the world and this is the greatest job. I excel at what I do and I want to show you what I do to be the best.

I was a waitress when I first came to Las Vegas. I love being an escort in Las Vegas much more than I did working in a restaurant. The men I am with appreciate me a lot more. I guess it’s because I give them exactly what they want. What you want can be many things. I want to be your Las Vegas escort so I can give you all you could ever want from a date in Las Vegas.

Since I am a former waitress, restaurants and trendy bars are my specialty. The nightlife is very competitive and all the great places are trying to out-do each other. I know all the places that are at the top and every place in between. I am the type of Las Vegas escort girl that can show you all the best places that I love, but the best places you will love as well. You deserve the best.

I have a wide range of interests so please don’t think I only like one thing. I will like doing whatever you want to do. I will really enjoy our night together, especially the time we spend alone in your room. That’s when you will really get to see what makes me a great Las Vegas escort. As you can imagine, I like to role play and be your fantasy girl. I still have my waitress outfit so I can wear that for you. Tell me what makes you hot and I will make it happen.

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